We’ve all purchased an item online which eventually wasn’t the perfect fit nor/or in the desired color once the order arrived. You would swear you’re not color-blind and selected the correct size. But for plus size women e-shopping seems to be more “risky”. Despite the ease of online shopping while multi-tasking, the desired size of an item (mostly clothing) is a bit harder to acquire for the plus size women with the first purchase.

Plus&Fabulous is a brand which was founded by two young entrepreneurs who also belong to the demographic they want to cater to. Plus&Fabulous wants to reduce the numbers of wrong orders, within the demographic, by supplying the plus size women with details, facts and information regarding the items to purchase the perfect fit with minimal effort from the buyer. A web-shop, promotional material and social media will be launched and used for their services.

The duo requested a logo for their brand. They wanted a logo with a group of plus size women in black silhouette, the color hot pink and a fancy typeface. These elements were incorporated to represent the elegance, strength and beauty of the plus size women. There were several logos and concepts designed for the brand and they eventually went for the one shown below.