This logo artwork was designed for the aspiring author Jofarah from Rotterdam. She lost her sister, named Janisairah Jano, through a tragic and gruesome event in 2016. In memory of Janisairah, Jofarah started to write a book entitled ‘Heftig’ (meaning ‘fierce’ in Dutch). That’s the word/phrase that comes to mind when she thinks about the tragic death of her younger sister Janisairah and the impact it had on Jofarah. She requested a logo with the name of the book title and the usage of the letter ‘J’ incorporated in the uppercase letter ‘H’ of ‘Heftig’. Both J’s in the H are referring to the sisters Jofarah and Janisairah. The gold and purple were Janisairah’s favorite colors. Another essential detail, for the artwork, are the angel wings to symbolize the aura and flair of the late Janisairah, adding to the colors. View the final artwork below.